We are Golf Simulator Review. Our mission is to be your trusted guide to building your personal golf simulator setup through independent product reviews, comprehensive comparisons, and information freely available for all.


How We Can Help You.

We know how important golf is to those that love the game. Golf can be a great stress-reliever, a way to spend quality time with friends and family, or even how some earn a living. We also know that those of us who want to improve our game just don’t have the time to get out on the course enough to significantly improve and/or we live in a place where the weather impacts our ability to play.

All the golf simulator options can be overwhelming. We provide an easy way to search and review all the products and information on the market to enable you to play anytime and anywhere.


The Industry Has Changed.

The latest technology in the golf simulator market is changing the industry and making it possible for anyone to create their own dream golf simulator setup without having to pay tens of thousands of dollars.


What Motivates Us.

We believe that golf can drastically improve the livelihood of those who turn it into a hobby through stress relief, bringing loved ones together, or even just giving someone something to improve on.

If we can make it easier to fulfill your dream of owning your own personal golf simulator and add a little more fun to your daily life, we will consider our goal accomplished.


To Beers and Bogeys,


Founder of Golf Simulator Review

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